Lily Academix Project

Lily Academix is the project related to my “real” profession. I was formed as a teacher: High School Science teacher. Maybe that is why I rather prefer to be a stay at home mom! Now that I have kids, I find it very hard to work all day long with teens that do not want to be staying on chair all day long. I get that and I find it hard trying to convice them that every subject and topic is SO important for them to know. But in another way, learning in very important to me. Being able to learn everything at a reasonable success level is an hability that will serve all day of our life.

Through that project, I will post links to homeschooling activities that are not especially common core, teaching, parenting or educational articles or activities from my own. I will probably adjust my blog following the waves of my path. Feel free to contact me if you have any improving or ideas to suggest.

You will have link to my TpT and my MieuxEnseigner accounts that will also contain my activities.

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