L'apprentissage / Learning

“La meilleure façon d’apprendre est d’être ouvert à toutes les opportunités que la vie nous apporte et de tirer le meilleur autant du négatif que tu positif.”

“The best way to learn is to be open to all situations in life and benefit from it either they are bad or good.”

Ma première poupée au crochet / First crochet doll

Ma première poupée au crochet a été terminé pendant les fêtes 2014.  Je voulais que mes enfants aient quelque chose pour les réconforter lorsqu’ils s’ennuient de leur papa lorsqu’il quitte la maison quelques temps en raison de son travail. J’espère que les 20 heures passées à créer cette merveille 😉 réussira à les faire sentir un peu mieux lorsqu’ils en auront besoin. Maintenant, il ne reste plus qu’à les habiller!

Le patron que j’ai utilisé est celui de Annoo Crochet Design. J’ai pris le crochet 3,5 mm au départ (jambes, corps et tête) et j’ai pris le 2,5mm pour les bras et les mains.

Pour faire la main, j’ai pris le tier des mailles (4 mailles si je me souviens bien) pour faire le pouce sur la longueur voulue en mettant les deux autres tiers (6 mailles) “en attente”. Le crochet est pratique pour ça: pas besoin d’aiguille pour conserver ses mailles!

J’ai terminé la main en prenant une première maille à la jonction du pouce et en en montant une nouvelle pour combler l’espace entre la “première” maille et la “dernière” maille. (Il y a donc 7 mailles qui forment la paume de la main).


My first doll using my crochet was done during 2014 holidays. I wanted my boys to have it when dad was away from home because of his work. I wanted something for them to rely on when dady was missing. I hope the 20 hours I worked on it will ease their mood when they will be missing their father. Now it will need to be dressed!

I used Annoo Crochet Design free tutorial to make this doll. I did some adjustments by using 3,5 mm (E) hook to do legs, body and head of the doll and switching to 2,5 mm hook for the arm and hands.

To do thumby hands, I took the 4 stitches ( about 1/3 of the stitches) closest to the body and crocheted them in the round up to the lenght desired. For the hand’s palm, I sc the first stitch and chain one so I will be able to reach the “other side of the stitches” to work in the round. That way the step between the back and the front of the hand is smoother. 7 stitches are making the palm.


Une pomme! An apple!

Voici la pomme que j’ai réalisé en 2h30 environ. Totalement relaxe!


Le patron vient de PlanetJune vous pouvez le trouver a cette adresse: Planet June Apples

Le patron est en anglais, mais est relativement simple.

Bon crochet!


It took me 2h30 for the first time to realise this wonderful apple. The pattern I used was easy to undertand. I found it on Planet June: Planet June Apples

Happy crocheting!

Lily Academix Project

Lily Academix is the project related to my “real” profession. I was formed as a teacher: High School Science teacher. Maybe that is why I rather prefer to be a stay at home mom! Now that I have kids, I find it very hard to work all day long with teens that do not want to be staying on chair all day long. I get that and I find it hard trying to convice them that every subject and topic is SO important for them to know. But in another way, learning in very important to me. Being able to learn everything at a reasonable success level is an hability that will serve all day of our life.

Through that project, I will post links to homeschooling activities that are not especially common core, teaching, parenting or educational articles or activities from my own. I will probably adjust my blog following the waves of my path. Feel free to contact me if you have any improving or ideas to suggest.

You will have link to my TpT and my MieuxEnseigner accounts that will also contain my activities.

This is me…and my challenges

Before doing further thinking, I need to introduce myself as all the aspects required to understand the problematic I am in at this moment in my life.

I am living a turning point in my life.

It has been two years and half since we moved in Ontario. I was fortunate to be pregnant at that moment, so I did not had to quit my science teaching job. I was still on maternity leave since our moving until last June. Since, I will give birth to our last child in March, I am still employed by the same school board. I am retired from work because of my pregnancy and the fact that I am in contact with chemical products in regards of my functions. – In Québec, they have a program that is developed to protect the mother and the baby during pregnancy. If the working conditions do not present a certain safety level or present risks for the baby, they are retiring the mother so she will benefit a healthy pregnancy.- Next school year, I will be able to be in maternity leave for the last time (three kids will be enough for us!) and still be employed by my original employer in my native province.

BUT, my husband is in the military. We don’t know what will happen to us when he will finally be promoted to a higher rank: staying here, moving in an other city or even moving in an other province in Canada. Most of all, we don’t know when it is going to happen!

BUT, maternity leave does not me pay much. I worked as a care giver in between my two last pregnancies. I took care of two kids plus, my own, in average. It pays bills, but it does not give you the opportunity to make as much money as I would have made when I was teacher. So the insurance employment income I will receive will be ridiculous at some point. 55% of not a big salary is really a little amount of money! Hopefully, I will receive a “maternity salary” from my employer in Quebec from February until the end of July. But in July, I will only receive payments from insurance employment.

SO I need to go back to work in about September so our young family will be able to enjoy life and opportunities that cross his road. We enjoy to go camping on summer time, have a little family dinner at the restaurant once a while and go see our families whenever we need or want/can. At that moment, our first born will start junior kindergarten.

If I find a job out there, We have to consider that we need to pay the daycare for our two youngest little men full time and maybe before and after school for the older (minimum of 50-60$ per day, MINIMUM).

If I find a job out there, We have to find a caregiver we trust in to send her our two and half toddler and our SIX MONTHS old infant. Is that only me but six months old babies are too young to leave them to another person than their parents to take care of and educate them between 35 to 50 hours a week. As parents, we don’t know them that much at that age and we would leave them with a complete stranger for that long… I just don’t get that…

If I find a job out there, We have to wake up the kids every morning in a rush to get them ready for my own or my husband’s work timings. We have to prepare the lunches for work and school. We have to set our lives as the society wants to set them, not as WE want to set them.

What I liked about having a home daycare was the chance that our kids had to get ready at their own pace on the mornings, because I was taking care of our kids and we were staying home, no rush at all.

What I liked about having a home daycare was the chance that I could begin the dinner at nap time so it would be ready around five, because I was taking care of our kids and we were staying home, no rush at all.

What I liked about having a home daycare was the chance I had to have a comfortable and casual wardrobe, because I was taking care of our kids and we were staying home, no rush at all.

SO I decided that I would stay home in September. I do not want to restart the daycare, because each time we move or the kids I take care of move (I took care of only military families since I began and the majority of them moved out!!!) it is a new adaptation for my sons, myself and the kids I take care of. Also, it was convenient when I did it, but I was aware I would not do it all my life.

NOW ON, I need to find what I want to consider my career for the rest of my life. A career I can carry on with me where ever I am. That is Lily’s challenge.

I am sure some others will appear in my journey, that is why this blog is called Lily’s challenges!

“One of the mos…

“One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go.” — Sheila Murray Bethel