Why I cry everytime DH leaves?


Last time my Man left home to go work for a while, I was saying to myself: « This is it, I won’t cry this time. » It last like 2 minutes and I started to cry. I am supposed to get used to it because he left so many times but I doubt I will ever do. And you know what? That’s okay! I think that it means I care.

The moment that is making me going sentimental are goodbyes. During that one moment, I think about everything that we’ll be missing as a family, as couple. As we were young lovers, I was okay with him leaving. I was making my own little routine and missing him while watching TV over and over! Now that we are a family, I am experiencing a whole new level. As I throughly believe that each parent are essential for the best development of every kid, I just can’t stand the fact that my boys won’t have their man model for a while. They just need their dad as much as they need their mom – even if daddy doesn’t think so ;).

I care about missing my lover for a while. Trying to set up a date once a while even if it’s so hard with our busy lifestyle.

I care about him missing all the littles moments I will live by myself with the kids, their success as their deceptions.

I care about missing family time during the week-end, and even more on the long week-ends or vacations.

I care about eating a special meal on Friday nights,listening to acoustic guitar on Saturday mornings or eating some pastries on Sunday mornings with hot chocolate.

I care about all those moments that we usually live together that I will experience alone.

For all of those reasons, I will cry at daddy’s departure.
For all those reasons, I may cry at his arrival too!

Being a military family is not always easy but it gives us opportunities that we wouldn’t have done if we were in the civilian world. Gratitude.


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